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Fun Shida with the Host of Fun Taiwan Janet

 Who dared to jump down the seven story tall waterfall? Who traveled to 40 countries and mastered in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Taiwanese? It was the host of the TV show “Fun Taiwan”, Janet. 

NTNU Department of English invited Janet to NTNU. Janet learned Chinese at NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center 10 years ago. She shared her experiences of life with more than 200 students in NTNU. She dreamed to become a borderless doctor when she was little. She prepared for her funds since she was 16. Washed the cars by the streets and touched people’s hearts to support her dream. Learned to give injection to animal. Finally her dream came true, she went to take care of dogs and cats in Republic of Ecuador. Janet believed the young people could do a lot of things. Helping others and gained more ourselves. 
Janet shared her favorite proverbs with students her secret to stay young. “You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”, “To try new things, and challenge yourself”. She encouraged students to stay curious and lived with the spirit of adventure. You would never know where your interests would lead you. She encouraged students in NTNU to not only “teach” but also “learn”.