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Japan Kanagawa University Called On NTNU for Special Academic Dapartment

 Japan Kanagawa University called on NTNU on May 1st. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo-en and the vice director in Office of International Affairs Liang Yi-ping received the guests in the reception room to exchange the features, history, and culture of both schools. The Vice Professor Tsai Chin-tang from Graduate Institute of Taiwan History accompanied the guests to look around in the campus.

Principal from Kanagawa University indicated that it was a pleasure to be invited to NTNU. He was impressed by the number of international students in NTNU and had a lot of compliments on the traditional Mandarin teaching education.

NTNU Principal Chang indicated that NTNU was established in 1922, during the period of Japanese occupation. Many of the alumni were Japanese. There were a quarter from the 6,000 international students studying in NTNU were from Japan.

NTNU had outstanding performances on education, fine arts, music, and sports. Kanagawa University had outstanding performances on history, culture, law, science, and engineering. Both sides expected to have more chances to exchange the experiences in the future. Principal Chang believed the great location of Kanagawa University in Japan would raise students’ interests of going.