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2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game- 13 Consecutive Wins in Gymnastic

 NTNU tennis team got the silver medals on both man and woman games. The coach Chang Kai-lung still gave the team members the full mark. He indicated that the performances were better than the past year. Although it was a pity that NTNU was so close to the champion, the performances were higher than expected. 

The second day in National Intercollegiate Athletic Game, NTNU Vice Principal Cheng Chi-fu, director of general affairs, and director of physical education management office Wen Liang-tsai attended the game to support the players. 
Chen Lu-ling from Graduate Institute of Exercise and Sport Science faced the national player Chang Kai-chen from Taipei Physical Education College and got the silver medal at the end. With her stresses and expectation, she dropped the tears after the game. She had participated in the National Intercollegiate Athletic for 6 years. She wasn’t very satisfied with her performances. It would be her last year next year. She expected to have better performances. 
The woman gymnastic team won the gold medal. It was the consecutive 13 gold medals on gymnastic games.