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Experts Discussed on 12 Years Education Curriculum Seminar

 NTNU Office of Teacher Education and Career Service held the “The Teacher Education and Specialty Improvement in 12 Years Education Curriculum Seminar” on May 5th at College of Education. The ministers of Ministry of Education in the past Yang Chao-hsiang, Tseng Chi-lang, Huang Jung-tsun, and professor Ho Chen-hung from National Tsing Hua University attended the seminar.

Yang Chao-hsiang pointed out that the target and system of the 12 years education curriculum was too complicated. The government should figure out the purpose of 12 years education curriculum. The simple change on education system wouldn’t solve the complicated problems that social system and value bring.
Multiculturalism was the main idea of 12 years education curriculum. Every student had different specialty. Through different education system and discover the potential on each student. The current senior high school entrance exam and university entrance exam were expected to change with the 12 years education curriculum. Student’s specialty would be considered as one of the grading evaluation standard. Students were expected to learn what they like and good at and learn everywhere.