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2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game- Outstanding Performances in Badminton Games

NTNU had the outstanding performances in the badminton games in 2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game. The consecutive champion in woman open game and the bronze medal in man open game. It was a great improvement from the sixth place last year to the bronze medal this year.

NTNU faced the biggest enemy National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sports in the last woman open game. The captain Yang Shu-jou from Department of Physical Education indicated that since the outstanding seniors graduated last year, the team wasn’t so complete as usual. Getting the champion was more than expected. Everyone was very happy.
The man open badminton game was held at the last day of the 2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game. NTNU won the sixth place last year. With the help of the new freshman player, NTNU won the bonze medal this year. The “perfect attendance award” receiver, Hsieh Feng-tse from Department of Athletic Performance, participated in every badmintons game this year. Hsieh Feng-tse indicated that the union is strength and he appreciated the guidance from the coach, gave the players confidence to win the game.