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12 Years National Curriculum- Accept Students Instead of Choosing Students

 “Why is 12 years national curriculum so complicated?”

NTNU invited the former Minister of Ministry of Education Tzeng Chi-lang, Principal of Fo Guang University Yang Chao-hsiang, Principal of Chinese Medical University Huang Jung-tsun, educational experts and scholars, and the first line teachers to discuss the issue of 12 years national curriculum, provide society a clearer direction to follow.

NTNU vice principal Lin Tung-tai indicated that the elites and society should complement each other.  The seminar was expected to target on the problem of capitalism class and the social system behind the issue of 12 years national curriculum. The chairman of the seminar, NTNU director of Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service Lin Chen-yung pointed out that different opinions would make the 12 years national curriculum better.

Facing the social challenges, former Mister of Ministry of Education Tzeng Chi-lang made appeal to the public that the importance of enhancing national accomplishment. Students should require the ability of language communication ability, science knowledge, mathematic application ability, and the ability to face the digital application. He expected students to build the ability on the multi structural society currently. Parents, society, and education provide students the ability to make their own choice.