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Ministry of Education Supported NTNU Teacher Education 6 Millions NT Dollars

 NTNU proposed the “Teacher Model Elites” program and received 6 million NT dollars among 15 other schools from Ministry of Education for the 2012 outstanding teacher education. The program would be supported by Ministry of Education for 2 years. This was the consecutive 5th time NTNU received the support. 

The program “Teacher Model Elites” was led by director of NTNU Office of Teacher Education and Career Service, Lin Chen-yung and the student intern department leader Huang Chia-li. The program based on researches, targeted on the 12 years national curriculum, and planned 3 systems, education, support, and evaluation. 11 more additional programs under the main program brought NTNU more effective resources and supports. 
In the education system part, different types of course development would be presented. In the support system, students would provide with real life experiences, international learning environment, and student and teacher digital database. In the evaluation system, teacher and the school administration staff, and offices would be evaluated every month, to maintain the teaching quality and student learning quality.