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Thailand Sister School Called On NTNU For Further Cooperation

 NTNU Thailand sister school Rajamangala University of Technology, Rattanakosin called on NTNU, expected to have more cooperation in the future and planned the student exchange program and short term program. Principal Chang Kuo-en indicated that besides students who were studying for degree, many students from Thailand were studying Mandarin in Mandarin Teaching Center. 

Currently, NTNU had 44 sister schools around the world. Approximately 40% sister schools were in Asia. 7 Thailand born Chinese and 21 Thailand students were currently studying in NTNU. Most of them were studying in Mandarin related departments. The vice director of Office of International Affairs Liang Yi-ping indicated that most of the students exchanged to countries like Japan, China, and North America. NTNU expected to have more cooperation with Thailand sister schools. 
Rajamangala University of Technology, Rattanakosin was founded in 2005. There were faculties of engineering, business administration, home economics technology, fine and applied arts, architecture, technical education, and Thai traditional medicine college. The Principal of Rajamangala University of Technology, Rattanakosin, Assoc. Prof. Issaree Hunsacharoonroj, ph. D led about a hundred and twenty students called on NTNU this time. Many professors and administrative staff in NTNU attended to greet.