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The Annually Sports Performance- Passion to Sports On the Campus

 Passion to Sports!

The biggest event on the campus every year- the sports performance was going to hold the consecutive three days from May 24th. The performance had planned by Department of Physical Education and the Department of Athletic Performance for over a year. The beginning of the show, archery shot the heart shaped balloon, symbolized the passion to sports exploded. 
The sports performances this year divided into 12 performances. The performance started with the gymnastic show and the Tae Kwon Do. Some of the performers were injured but still insisted on finishing the performances. 
Unlike the badminton performances in the past, the badminton performance this year embedded the badminton in the watermelon. Cheng Shao-wei from Department of Physical Education indicated that while he was practicing, he embedded 6 badmintons in the watermelon. The woman softball performance didn’t show on the stage for six years was performed either. 
The dragon boat festival was carried in front of the audience completely. The video game character Mario was carried in the track and field performance to entertain the audience. 
The sports performance was the graduation ceremony for students in Department of Physical Education and Department of Athletic Performance. The performance this year showed the student’s passion to sports, no matter in NTNU or after graduation.