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NTNU Signed The Cooperation Contract With National Taiwan Ocean University

 NTNU signed the strategic alliance cooperation agreement with National Taiwan Ocean University on May 22nd. National Taiwan Ocean University provided the Mandarin Internship Chance to NTNU. Both sides would have more cooperation in the future. 

NTNU was transforming to comprehensive university. Teacher education would no longer be the first priority in NTNU. Through the cooperation with National Taiwan Ocean University, NTNU strived for more possibilities for students. Vice principal Cheng Chi-fu indicted that education was the best in NTNU. Mandarin education was the best out of best. In order to improve, NTNU would keep the traditional and opened up the new territory. 
National Taiwan Ocean University targeted on oceanic technology and business. It was one of the few oceanic comprehensive universities in the world. It had outstanding contribution to oceanic culture and played an important role in oceanic management. Vice principal of National Taiwan Ocean University Chang Chi-ching indicated the importance of language. He expected to the further cooperation with NTNU.
The strategic alliance cooperation agreement allowed both schools combined the resources and built a systematic cooperation pattern to widen students’ version and provide more chance to learn.