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NTNU Built The One and Only Cultural and Artistic University in Taiwan

 One NTNU campus painting painted by student from Department of Fine Arts 30 years ago revealed to the public recently while checking on the old paintings. The traditional Chinese painting met the future technology. The painting was shown in a brand new way.

NTNU held the “Outstanding University” exhibition on May 29th. 57 huge paintings and other accomplishments were displayed. NTNU was trying to build the one and only cultural and artistic university in Taiwan.
Repair Alumni’s Works in Department of Fine Arts
Department of Fine Arts had 65 years history. The department had the collection of approximately 2837 outstanding paintings. Although the department tried to preserve every painting, it was inevitable that the painting worn out. Therefore, NTNU established the artistic bank, to select the representative paintings and repair them. Digitized the paintings and built the database to browse online.
Established the Cultural Creative Workshop
Cultural Creative Industry was the global trend. NTNU Department of Visual Design established a series of workshops since last year. Invited the professionals and enhanced the cooperation with related industry. The digital canvas workshop this year provided students another way to create. They could also preserve the old paintings in NTNU with the digital canvas. Students turned the traditional media to the modern technology. Combined the traditional with the innovation new products and create different style of paintings.