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Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Published the Chinese Version of Night Walk

 NTNU celebrated the 66th year anniversary, invited the international master to lecture in NTNU. The first Chinese receiver of Nobelpriset I Litteratur Kao Xing Jian would come to NTNU for two weeks in June. NTNU allowed the public to join some of the classes. All of the lecture would be videotaped and showed on the Internet. 

The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts was rehearsing for Mr. Kao Xing Jian’s work “Night Walk”. “Night Walk” had performed by many different famous theatrical companies in Europe and United States for many times.  This would be the first time the “Night Walk” performed in Chinese. 
Mr. Kao Xing Jian’s friend, the vice professor in Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Liang Chi Min pointed out that the “Night Walk” was the script based on a nightmare. It attempted to put the audience in the line of dream and reality with its special design on person and dialogue.
In order to welcome and greet Mr. Kao Xing Jian’s visit, several workshop, lecture, seminar, and exhibition would be held from May to June. Professor Liang Chi Min opened the “Kao Xing Jian Drama Research” course this semester, led the students to read several works by Mr. Kao Xing Jian, including “A Tale of Shan Hai Jing”, “Escape”, and “Death Sector/ Between Life and Death”.