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NTNU 54th Record Breaking Water Game

 The NTNU 54th water game was held on June 1st at main campus swimming pool. Chang Kuo Chi from Department of Physical Education broke the whole school record, 29 second and 50 in 50 meters backstroke. 

The entire school students actively participated in the 54th water game. Principal Chang Kuo En joked that, “my brother Chang Kuo Chi breaks the records again.” Chang Kuo Chi broke the school record with 23 seconds 54 in 50 meters freestyle and 29 seconds 50 in 50 meters backstroke. He indicated that his participation in the game was to break the record. He didn’t want to break all the records at one time. He would keep trying. 
Besides students from Department of Physical Education, students from general departments had outstanding achievement. For example, Lin Po Ting from Department of Mathematic broke the school record with 26 seconds 18 in 50 meters freestyle. 
Principal Chang Kuo En suggested that the administrative staff could form a team next time. He indicated that vice principal Lin Tung Tai was good at swimming. Teachers from Department of Physical Education should set a good example for other teachers. It was an honor to participate in the game.