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Former Minster of Ministry of Education Wu Ching Chi Talked About Education

 NTNU Center for Teaching and Learning Development held a series of “A lesson from a master- outstanding teaching lecture”. The activity invited the former minister of Ministry of Education Wu Ching Chi on May 29th at the last lecture. Former Minister Wu shared his experience of joyful education at NTNU Extension School of Continuing Education. He indicated that there were three things in life you couldn’t wait, health, parents, and education. 

Wu Ching Chi shared his experienced of setting his “grandparents day” on the last Sunday in August. He also mentioned the “grandparents day” in each country, for example the first Sunday in September in United States, the first Sunday in October in United Kingdom, and the forth Sunday in November in Singapore. 
Wu Ching Chi indicated that education was the great investment in a country. There were always learning and getting education in life. It was just the difference between formal or informal. Education was the power to make the people get better. He took himself as an example, he was raised in a poor family, and he felt great when he first receive the scholarship. Afterward, he founded many scholarships to help the poor students.