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Gu Yo Yo From France Evaluated Taiwanese Culture

 The series lectures of Taiwanese culture held by Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature invited Gu Yo Yo from France, who was very interested in Taiwanese culture and came to Taiwan to learn Taiwanese on May 25th. Gu Yo Yo used Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English in his speech. Although the three languages were very different from each other’s, Gu Yo Yo switched between fluently. 

Gu Yo Yo from France came to Taiwan because he liked Taiwan very much and wanted to learn more about Taiwan. He studied Mandarin Chinese in France since 1993. He discovered that he could get closer to Taiwanese people’s life through Taiwanese. In order to learn Taiwanese, Gu Yo Yo came to Taiwan to study in Department of Taiwanese Literature in National Cheng Kung University in 2005. He started from nothing to present in Taiwanese in a couple of month. He even taught Taiwanese in France. 
He wrote “The Social Linguistics Analysis of Taiwanese Election” as his master degree thesis. He shared his research motivation and method, to discuss the relationship between student, teacher, and knowledge. Taiwanese had blended in his life.