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Nobel Prize for Literature Kao Xing Jian-Taiwan Students Should Enhanced Enthusiasm and Creativity

 The first Nobel Prize for Literature Receiver Kao Xing Jian arrived in Taiwan on June 6th morning from France. Mr. Kao Xing Jian would be the lecture professor in NTNU. He commended Taiwan for the academic freedom and the education was a success. Not only the top in the world and also the first in the Chinese world. Taiwan students were hardworking and high professional. However, they still needed to enhance on enthusiasm and creativity.

Mr. Kao Xing Jian would be the lecture professor in NTNU for two weeks. He would talk face to face with students in NTNU and The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University. He indicated that through the interaction with Taiwan students, he discovered that Taiwan students studied very hard. “Taiwan’s education is a great success,” he said. He also discovered that although Taiwan students were more professional, enthusiasm and creativity were the weaknesses. He talked about his publication in Taiwan, mentioned that compared to Hong Kong, Taiwan had more academic freedom and also no political restriction. Taiwan was a great place for publication.
Mr. Kao Xing Jian would hold a series of lectures, seminars, photography exhibition, and book publication in the following two weeks. Graduate Institute of Performing Arts would present the drama written by Mr. Kao Xing Jian, the Night Walk. Welcome students and public to participate.