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International Culture and Creativity Conference Opening In NTNU

 NTNU Culture and Creative Industries Center held the “CROSS” 2012 International Culture and Creativity Conference opening ceremony on June 5th. The conference invited 11 outstanding scholars and experts from 8 countries in the world to exchange and share the trend of global culture creative industry.

NTNU in house training project was hosted by Professor Lin Pan Sung from Department of Visual Design. Combined the superiority of NTNU Department of English, Department of Visual Design, Department of Music, and Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology to build up stronger academic power. 
It was the third year of the project and it was almost at the end of reaching the target. The 2012 International Culture and Creativity Conference specially held in order to connect the resources in Asia build up the cooperation and participated in the international activities. 
Professor Lin Pan Sung indicated that the scholars and experts the project invited were from design, music, and digital motion picture fields. One Dot Zero from United Kingdom was the representative of English creative economy company. Professor Michael Keane from University of Queensland Australia and Fan Chao from Communication University of China were both the experts from each field. We hoped through the conference, we could widen the horizon for NTNU students and teacher. 
The great experts and scholars around the world gathered here in NTNU. Through the 2012 International Culture and Creativity Conference, enhanced the possibility for NTNU to be seen on the international stage.