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The Father Of Taiwan Normal Education Liu Chen Memorial Concert

 The Father of Taiwan normal education Liu Chen passed away on March 28th. In order to appreciate the old principal contribution to the nation and education, NTNU specially held the memorial concert on May 11th. Alumni, professors, and Mr. Liu Chen’s family gathered together to remember our old principal.

Principal Liu Chen was the first principal of National Taiwan Normal University. Many important people were once his students. He was a legendary figure that affected Taiwan education. Therefore, he was called the Father of Taiwan normal education. 
On the memorial concert, students from Department of Music played the piano beautifully to create a peace and quiet atmosphere. They presented songs “You are always on my mind” and “a whole new world”. The beautiful music and the touching documentary led everyone to review Principal Liu Chen’s life, to remember this great educationist. 
Liu Chen’s son, Liu Chieh indicated that NTNU was the first home for Liu Chen in Taiwan. Liu Chen once said that he was the luckiest person in the world. Because everything he did make his life more meaningful. Liu Chieh walked around NTNU campuses after his father passed away, hoping to search some shadow of his father. 
NTNU current Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that Principal Liu Chen had established the fundamental of NTNU. NTNU could have the development now was all because that Principal Liu Chen had foreseen the future trend. NTNU would plan to build the Principal Liu Chen House and rearranged Liu Chen Memorial Foundation, for the students in the future to understand our hardworking principal and his contribution, and may the spirit of our old principal live with us forever.