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The Hong Kong Institute of Education Called On NTNU To Feel The Taiwan Culture

 “We thing Taiwan is full of culture!”

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Department of Culture and Creative Arts 63 students and teachers called on NTNU to exchange with Graduate Institute of Performing Arts. They performed in the Wen Hui Building, participated in the Kao Xing Jian lecture, and watched the shows. A series of splendid courses made the students feel the trip was worthy.
Professor Hsia Hsueh Li from Graduate Institute of Performing Arts and The Hong Kong Institute of Education students participated in the seminar on June 6th. They shared the different culture between Taiwan and Hong Kong. The splendid Hong Kong drama, Hong Kong Festival, and Hong Kong art administration created the new culture creative thought. Students from Hong Kong performed at Wen Hui Hall at night. Students Li Chun Chieh who just awarded the best new artist by Hong Kong music radio performed single harmonica impressed the audience.
The Hong Kong Institute of Education arranged regional summer camp for freshman every year. This year, they were led by the Dr. Huang Hui Ying, came to Taiwan to exchange with NTNU Graduate Institute of Arts. Through the intensive courses, trip, and performing, to understand Taiwan’s culture policy better.