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NTNU Originated The 11th Schools Seminar of Professional Education

 NTNU held the “Northern Taiwan Teacher Training University Internship Counseling Development Seminar”. Hsu Chia Chian from Department of Secondary Education and the internship participated junior and senior high school representatives were invited to share the experience in the seminar on June 15th. 

In order to build up the standard operating procedure for intern counseling job and avoid the complicated procedure every year, NTNU cooperated with National Hsinchu University of Education, National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University of Technology, National Ocean University, and 7 other universities to hold the first seminar for this process.
Hsu Chia Chian talked about both the teacher training university side and the intern high school side from the principal of intern counseling. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that Taiwan education was facing the transformation. The teacher training system should transform as well. Under the new system of education, the future teacher training would be affected. Teachers should emphasize more on the diversity of students.
Director Lin Chen Yung from NTNU Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service indicated that teacher training university had the tight relationship with the intern institution and it was the key to test the efficacy of education intern. Through the communication, coordination, and interaction in the seminar, collected the advices and created a platform for educational intern.