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NTNU International Students Celebrated Graduation

 NTNU had the most international students and overseas Chinese students. 200 and more international students graduated from NTNU this year. On June 16th, the family of the graduating students came over to Taiwan to witness this important moment in their life. NTNU Office of International Affairs held the graduation tea party to greet the parents from overseas.

Office of International Affairs supported students from the moment they came to NTNU to the time they graduated. Director Chen Chiu Lan indicated that a alumnus from South America specially came back to visit teachers on the day of graduation and also encouraged the seniors. We could tell that the international students still kept a tight relationship with NTNU even after the graduation. Director Chen Chiu Lan hoped students could come back to NTNU more often, Office of International Affairs was welling to provide the service.
The international students instructor Hu Ya Ting highly praised the hardworking students. Li Chun Kai who just graduated from the Graduated Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature had the admission to the Ph. D in Department of Chinese. He indicated that it was a great challenge to study in NTNU but he success.