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International Conference Chinese for Specific Purposes and Teaching Chinese Culture

 NTNU Department of International Mandarin Language and Culture held the “International Conference Chinese for Specific Purpose and Teaching Chinese Culture” on June 16th and 17th. The conference selected 50 theses out of 120 to publish, to build the future direction for Mandarin teaching.

Department of International Mandarin Language and Culture spent half a year to prepare for the first international academic conference. Mandarin teaching experts from each country highly participated in the conference. 50 theses in total from Taiwan, United States, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia were published. Studnets from Department of International Mandarin Language and Culture greeted the guests with fluent Mandarin.
The topics of the conference included business Mandarin, literature teaching, news media Mandarin, guiding and traveling Mandarin, and religion Mandarin. Professor Madeline Spring from United States Arizona State University gave a lecture on the opening ceremony. Spring mentioned the importance of learning classical Chinese and indicated that the modern Chinese was based on the classical Chinese. Students should learn the classical Chinese to understand more about the language. Teachers should change the way of teaching and shouldn’t neglect classical Chinese teaching.