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Ms. Tung Shu Chen Supported Department of East Asian Studies Outstanding Students with Scholarship

 Department of East Asian Studies commended outstanding students on June 15th. Besides awarding the regular prizes, also invited Ms. Tung Shu Chen to award the scholarship, encouraged students to work hard.

The dean of College of International Studies and Education For Overseas Chinese Pan Chao Yang indicated that the established purpose of Department of East Asian Studies was to expect Taiwan to forward to East Asia, and to the world. Through the awarding ceremony, expected students to follow Ms. Tung Shu Chen’s step, widen one’s horizon. 
The vice commissioner of Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission Hsu Chen Jung expected students to have the world view and carry forward the spirit of NTNU.
The “Mother Tung” Tung Shu Chen had the business in many countries. She also concerned about the stray dog and the senior retirement problems. She especially emphasized on the importance of education. She once supported 800 children in China and concerned about their education. 
Talking about her own learning experience, she indicated that she wasn’t smarter than others, but she used her time wisely. She encouraged students that there were no poor people but lazy people in the world. Don’t give yourself excuses because excuses would stop you from forwarding.