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NTNU Volleyball Team Got The Champion After Three Years

NTNU woman volleyball team got the champion in May after three years. The captain Chian Tung Yun from Department of Adult and Continuing Education indicated that it was the last game to play the ball with the seniors. They just wanted to play a good game and leave no regret.

Mu To Cup was the sports cup for normal university sports teams. Besides NTNU, National Chang Hua Normal University of Education, National Taipei University of Education, and Taipei Municipal University of Education also participated in the woman volleyball game. NTNU woman volleyball team had a lot of new members this year. After a year training and practicing, finally had the great result in May.
The captain Chian Tung Yun indicated that the team was in the slump because they didn’t do well in the 2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. After resting and keep practicing, and besides, it was the last game for the seniors; finally the team won the champion.