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Liu Li Hua From Department of Fine Arts Awarded 2012 Red Dot Award: Communication Design

 NTNU Department of Fine Arts Ph. D students Liu Li Hua brought the news of victory again. Follow with the golden comic debut by Government Information Office last year with her comic “The Snow Season”. Her new work “No Fur! No Kill!” awarded the 2012 Red dot award: Communication design. Through the poster, appealed public to stop buying the expensive animal fur clothing.

Liu Li Hua was not only a caricaturist and a graphic designer, but also a lecturer for China University of Technology, Tung Nan University, and Chang Gung University. She was very excited when she received the unbelievable good news. She tried a lot of different techniques at first but wasn’t so satisfied. She specially appreciated Professor Su Wen Ching from NTNU Department of Visual Design and Professor Li Hsin Fu from National Taichung University of Science and Technology.
Liu Li Hua created new works and wrote her thesis at the same time. She quit her job and focused on the Ph. D study. She encouraged students that there were obstacles and blind point in creation, listen to others opinion and discussed with others would come up with more ideas. She hoped the young people who liked arts could follow their dream, affect the society with the power of beauty.