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Go Master Couple Seminar at Liang Shih Chiu House

Honinbo go master Wang Ming Wan and his writer wife Liu Li Erh held the seminar at Ling Shih Chiu’s House on July 3rd. besides talking about the nuclear power issue, Liu Li Erh specially donated the book, Miller’s “Utilitarianism”. The book connected the present and the past of Liang Shih Chiu House.

The “Talk with Master” series activity was originated by Professor Li Ho Pu from Department of Music. It was a great chance to invite Wang Ming Wan couple to NTNU. Secretary director Lin An Pan showed his welcome. He indicated that it was a great chance to gather two experts from different fields together. He appreciated Liu Li Erh’s generosity to donate the book.
Talking about the problems of nuclear power, Liu Li Erh pointed out that the nuclear power plant in Taiwan was built in the 3 millions people living area. Any one of the nuclear power plant explode, the damages would be serious. Taiwan was a long island; it would be hard to evacuate people if the disaster occurred.
Wang Ming Wan noticed the problem of nuclear power earlier than Liu Li Erh. He indicated that nuclear power was not like the go game, you could start over again if you did it wrong. He started to concern the nuclear power since he was 12. He appealed to the public that we shouldn’t leave the poison nuclear waste for our next generation just for generating electric power. We should face the problem seriously.