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MTC Woman Team Awarded Second Place in 2012 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

 Students from NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center formed the dragon boat team to participate in the 2012 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival and awarded second place.

The Taipei Dragon Boat Festival was held in Da Chia River Park. 207 teams in total participated in the Dragon Boat game. 3 teams from NTNU participated in different groups of the game; Man open game, Woman open game, and Mixed open game. 
The dragon boat team was the greatest feature of NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center. The team was formed with foreign students. The team members this year were from 19 different countries in western countries and Asia area. Although they spoke different language, they shared the same spirit. The team showed the spirit of union and courage and had the great result in the game.
NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center encouraged students to participate in the dragon boat festival for years. Through the Dragon Boat Festival once a year, experienced the traditional culture in Taiwan and built up the relationship with Taiwanese people.