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The Taiwan China Confucius Camp Provided Schoolwork Counseling for Rural Area Students

 The 3rd “Hoping˙Download Taiwan China Youth Confucius Camp” held the opening ceremony on July 8th. 211 university students from NTNU, Peking University, Tsinghua University, 17 schools in total in Taiwan and China would go to 26 schools in the rural areas to provide schoolwork counseling for students, practiced the spirit of our first teacher, Confucius. The activity would last for three weeks.

The first “Hoping˙Download Taiwan China Youth Confucius Camp” was held in 2009. In the time, the activity gathered 100 students from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macao to provide schoolwork counseling for disadvantaged students. The activity titled “Youth Confucius” symbolized the spirit of students volunteering for disadvantaged students was the same as the spirit of Confucius teaching everyone who wanted to learn.
Hoping˙Download had enlarged from the 140 students participated last year to 211 students participated this year. The funds of Hoping˙Download were totally from the alumni. NTNU selected 61 outstanding students to participate in Hoping˙Download. Through the activity, students from Taiwan and China exchanged their knowledge and their culture. Students learned and grew from the process of helping others and planted the seeds of love in Taiwan and China. The spirit of education was growing everywhere.