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Outstanding Alumnus Yu Ching Elected as Academician in Academia Sinica

 Academia Sinica elected the new academician on July 5th. The outstanding alumnus Yu Ching from Department of Mathematics, who was currently the professor in NTU Department of Mathematics, was elected as the academician in Academia Sinica. Yu Ching was elected as the 10th outstanding alumni in 2010. He was the best expert of number theory in Taiwan. Yu Ching had studied mathematics for 30 years. He indicated that his life was to pursue the truth and logic of mathematics. In 1990s, he finally left his name in the world highest commended mathematics periodical Annals Math. Exchanging and sharing his idea of mathematics with the number theorists in the world was the greatest comfort and encouragement he gained from learning number theory. 

Yu Ching was actively promoting the development of basic research in Taiwan. He not only assisted setting the National Center for Theoretical Sciences for National Science Council, but also became the director for mathematics group and research group. Yu Ching indicated that he had spent the whole three years doing research abroad and he hoped to train the outstanding international scholars in Taiwan.
As an alumnus in NTNU, teaching was always part of his dream. He once taught in United States, France, Germany, and China. He had train more than 20 mathematics professors already. Yu Ching encouraged NTNU students to follow the dream, keep working, and never give up.