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NTNU Signed the Cooperation Agreement with National Academy for Education Research

 In order to enhance the teaching quality and effectively combine the education resources, NTNU signed the cooperation agreement with National Academy for Education Research on July 9th. Both sides would cooperate from three dimensions in the future, academic cooperation, teachers’ exchange and training, and resources sharing. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En expected both sides to do the best for Taiwan’s education.

The agreement allowed NTNU to share the resources from Center for Educational Resources and Publishing in NTNU library. National Academy for Education Research would assist with students training and teachers’ discussion and seminar. Both sides would build up the evaluation target, promote education training course, and revise the current teacher training law, to enhance the quality of teaching and the learning environment for students.
Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that the agreement took a half-year to plan and arrange. NTNU had emphasized more on the education research in the recent year. It was a great chance to cooperate with National Academy for Education Research. We believed the two units were complementary and could make the education better in Taiwan, provided competitiveness and global perspective for our next generation.