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Japan Media Widely Report NTNU for Honoring the President of Soka Gakkai

 The President of Taiwan Soka Gakkai Association Lin Chao and several guests called on NTNU on July 10th, to appreciate NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En honored the first honored professor in the College of Fine Arts to the President of Soka Gakkai Internation Daisaku Ikeda. Lin Chao also delivered a handwriting letter from President Daisaku, expected more cooperation between Taiwan and Japan in the future. 

Taiwan Soka Gakkai Association had cooperated with NTNU in the issues of environment, arts, and education. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that the Taiwan Soka Gakkai Association shared the similar spirit of education with NTNU. Recently, NTNU was working on the “Hoping˙Download Taiwan China Confucius Camp”, provide schoolwork counseling in the rural area for disadvantaged students. NTNU had the most suitable resources to cooperated with different schools and enhance the quality of education and culture. 
President Lin Chao indicated that there would be more cooperation possibilities in the future since NTNU shared the same spirit with Soka Gakkai Association. Besides bringing the letter from Japan, President Lin Chao also carried the good news that NTNU was on the headline of the biggest newspaper in Japan, Seikyo Shinbun. NTNU’s name was now widely spread in Japan.