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Department of Chemistry Provides 1 Million Scholarship

 NTNU provided 11 foundationers chance for the new coming students this year. It was the most in the past 12 years. Department of Chemistry even provided the one quota of 1 million scholarship for the disadvantaged students for the first time. 

Currently, NTNU had different kinds of scholarship, mostly supported by retired teachers, alumni, society donation, or company. The scholarship encouraged students from the poor family with outstanding schoolwork performance a better environment to learn. More than two hundred kinds of scholarship now and thousands of students were supported every year. 
The 1 million scholarship provided by Department of Chemistry was supported by Professor Chang Yi Chih from Department of Chemistry. Professor Chang graduated from NTNU 30 years ago and got his Ph. D in Michigan, United States. He came back to teach in NTNU afterward. Professor Chang indicated that he was supported by the government scholarship while he was studying. As a professor now, he expected to help students with highly interest in chemistry but without the family support a better chance to learn.
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