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The Parliament of the United Kingdom Called on NTNU for Academic Education

 The group of The Parliament of the United Kingdom visited Taiwan this week. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged the group to call on NTNU on September 26th. Principal Chang Kuo En, and all the teacher representatives attended the meeting, exchanged some academic education information, and increased the interaction and understanding between Taiwan and United Kingdom. 

NTNU was the only university the group paid a visit to. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that NTNU was very honored. We expected to have more interaction between United Kingdom and Taiwan, signed the sister school contracts, and shared the resources.
Through the introduction film of NTNU, The members of The Parliament of the United Kingdom had more understandings of NTNU development and history, including the outstanding results of humanity, technology, fine arts, sports, music, and language. 
Currently, the Taiwanese students studying in United Kingdom had reached 16 thousands students. However, the high tuition fee of United Kingdom universities stopped students from going. The members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom indicated that even the English students had to pay the high tuition fee. They suggested students to go study in United Kingdom through sister school contract or scholarship. England signed the working holiday contract with Taiwan last year. A thousands chances were registered immediately. The possibilities for NTNU students to work or intern in United Kingdom were brought up in the seminar. 
The leader of the group, Lord Faulkner, indicated that the seminar in NTNU was the most meaningful activity they did in Taiwan. We believed that through the seminar, NTNU and the Parliament of the United Kingdom could have more understandings to each other and both sides expected to have more cooperation in the future.