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Overseas Teachers Spread the Hakka Songs To the World

The “2012 Overseas Hakka Teacher Workshop- Singing class” was organized by Hakka Affairs Council and Overseas Chinese Affairs Council and held by NTNU. 39 overseas Hakka teachers ended the classes on September 28th. In the 12 days program, they obtained more knowledge of Hakka teaching. They would spread the Hakka culture to the world.

The 12 days program invited professional lecturers to give the lessons. NTNU also arranged some trips to Miao Li Hakka Village, Bei Pu Chiang A Hsin Residence, and Chin Guang Fu. The participated teachers were from Japan, Canada, France, Argentina, United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, and Thailand.
The vice leader of Hakka Affairs Council Li Chao Ming greeted the participants in the fluent Hakka. He indicated that Hakka people were the closest to the music. The Hakka songs conveyed strong feelings. He appreciated NTNU to provide great location and service.
On the closing ceremony, all the students dressed in traditional Hakka outfit and presented two Hakka songs. They promised to pass down the spirit and culture of Hakka to where they lived and to the next generation.