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Mandarin Teaching Materials Research in Europe

 NTNU had the best Mandarin learning resources in Taiwan. Most of the foreign students who wanted to learn Mandarin would consider NTNU as their first choice. Center of Mandarin Teaching and Technology stood an important part in NTNU “Forward to Outstanding University Program”. Director Cheng Hao Jen from Madarin Teaching Center (MTC) was in charge of the development of Mandarin database setting. Professor Hsin Shi Chang from Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language developed the European version of Mandarin teaching materials and promoted Mandarin teaching overseas. 

Center of Mandarin Teaching and Technology focused on “Applied Mandarin Teaching Research”, “Mandarin Learning Core Technology” and “Mandarin Learning Record and System” and did seven researches on these aspects. The research compared the differences between modern Mandarin and traditional Mandarin. Cooperated with China Nan Kai University to research on the word usages different in Chinese speaking countries. 
Professor Hsin Shi Chang indicated that the researches were going well. With low expenses and received great results. The center would focus on the effective ways to promote Mandarin learning in the future. 
Mandarin was getting more and more important these days. Mandarin teaching was the superiority of NTNU students. The “Forward to Outstanding University Program” brought more opportunities to promote Mandarin teaching.