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Macao Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School Called On NTNU

 The Principal of Macao Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School (also known as Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima) Yang Tzu Chiu led the graduating students to call on NTNU on their graduation trip to Taiwan. Principal Yang was the alumnus of NTNU. She encouraged students to maintain their study in Taiwan.

Principal Yang indicated that she was really happy to return to NTNU after graduated for several years. She hoped to give students more hope to the future by bringing them to visit NTNU campus. Through the short introduction film of NTNU, students from Macao could understand more about NTNU outstanding results in different fields. Besides the professional program, students were more interested in the university life in Taiwan. The school ambassadors shared some wonderful school life in NTNU, including the freshman week, department night, school ambassadors, school reporters, and many clubs. 
Many students from Macao indicated that NTNU was different from what they thought it would be. They would like to study in NTNU after the guiding tour. 
Principal Yang indicated that government of Macao would provide the scholarship for the outstanding students who wanted to become the teachers starting from next month. She encouraged students to work hard for it.