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16 Students Received the 1st Scholarship for Outstanding Graduated Students

 Starting from this year, NTNU provided the 36,000 NT dollars per semester scholarship for students graduated from NTNU bachelor degree and was going to study in NTNU graduated school. If you were placed in the 10% in the studying years, you would be able to apply for it.

In order to encourage students to study in NTNU graduated school, Office of Academic Affairs arranged the “Scholarship for Outstanding Graduated Students”. The scholarship provided NTNU each graduate institute at least 1 students to receive the scholarship. The maximum amount of the scholarship per person was 144,000 NT dollars. At the time of the result of examination to graduate institute was going to be published, many departments looked for students who were welling to maintain the study in NTNU. After the application and investigation, 16 students were going to receive their first 36,000 NT dollars scholarship this semester. 
The purpose of the scholarship was to encourage students to maintain and keep up their study in the wonderful learning environment in NTNU. The next application date was from October 11th to October 17th. Students who were interested and qualified could see the information on website:
Or contact Office of Academic Affairs: 7734- 1179, 7734- 1185