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Department of Design Participated in the Public Welfare Documentary Exhibition

The public welfare documentary exhibition “See A Better World With One Fang” cooperated with NTNU Culture & Creative Industries Center. Each period of time would play 3 documentaries. NTNU students from Department of Design participated in the exhibition with the film “See”. The participation made the activity more meaningful.

The exhibition set the QR code of three documentaries. People could scan the QR code and shared the documentary on the Internet. The Rock Records would donate money based on the sharing times of the documentaries. All the selling at the exhibition would be donated to different foundations.
One Fang said that the documentary exhibition was just the beginning. It would extend to more schools and more people. She hoped people to see the different stories of people through the documentary and a better self and to pass down the positive power in the society. The closing ceremony would hold a small concert at the NTNU little park. More information on: