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NTNU Got the National Champion in 2012 Taipei City Motorcycle Safety Promotion Competition

 The       ”2012 Motorcycle Safety Promotion Marketing Competition” held by Taipei City Government announced the awards on September 28th. NTNU ACEKA team won the champion back from more than 40 participated teams and brought back the 80000 NT dollars prize. The mayor of Taipei City Government Hao Lung Pin had great compliment on NTNU ACEKA team’s work. 

Among all the traffic accident in Taipei city, 83% were motorcycle accident. Therefore, the city government tried to promote the safety of motorcycle riding and held the “promotion marketing competition”. The competition didn’t divide the participated teams by ages. Everyone competed fairly. Among more than 40 participated teams, NTNU got the champion, National Cheng Chi University got the second, and the Uni President Enterprises Corporation got the third. 
NTNU ACEKA team was guided by professor Wang Yen Chao from Department of Graphic Art and Communications and professor Pu Hsiao Tieh from Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies. The team leader, Yu Chi Chung from Graduate Institute of Graphic Art and Communications indicated that they tried to make the public realize the importance of motorcycle riding safety through games. The team had received many awards from different marketing competitions and had great team chemistry.