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Thailand Naresuan University Called on NTNU for Further Cooperation

 Thailand Naresuan University called on NTNU on October 4th. Director Liu Mei Hui introduced NTNU education development and teaching features. Both sides hoped to learn from each other’s experiences. Thailand Naresuan University expected for further cooperation to strive for education.

NTNU Vice Principal Cheng Chi Fu indicated that NTNU was the first school ever in Taiwan to focus on teachers training. Currently, NTNU had 10 colleges and 54 departments. It had outstanding performances in art, sports, social science, and science fields. Thailand Naresuan University was a fantastic well-known university in Thailand as well. It was located in the city north of Bangkok, Phitsanulok. It made a lot of contribution in Thailand education. They emphasized on the quality of academic courses and the lifetime learning. They devoted in the research works, academic service, and preservation of art and culture. The representative of Naresuan University indicated that they expected to sign the exchange students contract in the future and welcomed NTNU students to study in Naresuan University.
The director of General Education Center Liu Mei Hui introduced the educational development in NTNU and shared the goals in the future. Director Liu emphasized the importance of general courses, which trained student’s basic ability to everything and build up student’s personality.