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Chi Ya Hua from Department of Chemistry Award the Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year

 The list of the 2012 Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year organized by the Ten Outstanding Young Person’s Foundation was released on October 9th at Legislative Yuan. NTNU alumnus Chi Ya Hui from Department of Chemistry award the prize in medical research. She was currently the researcher in National Health Research Institutes.

The National Health Research Institutes and United States and Singapore formed a team to discover the key point of aging in cell, the Sun 1 protein. The research proved that if the cell was eliminated, people suffered from the aging disease could maintain the life in 2.5 times. The research discovered that after eliminating the cell, not only the mice extended their life; the heart function problem and brittle bone disease had improved as well. The research could be the light to the medicine research. The theory could apply to the delay the normal aging on human as well. The research not only caught the eyes internationally but also been published on the magazine “Cell”. The young and outstanding Chi Ya Hui received the “5th Taiwan Outstanding Woman Scientist Award”.