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NTNU, NCCU, and NTUST Signed the Memorandum for Cultural Creative Industry Specialist

 In order to cultivate the cultural creative industry specialist and raise the competitiveness in Taiwan, Ministry of Education invested 50 millions NT dollars for NTNU and National Cheng Chi University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to practice the plan. 

The “Higher education forum- culture creativity” guided by Ministry of Education, held by NTNU and NCCU, and assisted by NTUST and Outstanding University Development League, took place at NCCU Center for Publics & Business Administration Education on October 12th. The “Creative designed practice program” was expected to open in 2013. The first year would recruit 54 students (18 from each schools). The program would base on NCCU’s concept, designed by NTNU, and promoted by NTUST.
Ministry of Education Department of Higher Education President Huang Wen Ling mentioned that the culture creative program was an important part in outstanding university plan. Ministry of Education expected NTNU, NCCU, and NTUST to bring up the trend and help the local industry with the great resources in the three schools. 
The topic for the first year of the “creative designed practice program” was “bicycle around the life”. Students were expected to find the solution in daily life and create the value of life.