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University College London Called On NTNU for Taiwan England Education Cooperation

Vice Principal of University College London, Prof. Michael Worton and Mr. Hsieh Han Sheng from Ministry of Education Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations called on NTNU on October 17th. Principal Chang Kuo En, Vice Principal Lin Tung Tai, Director of Office of International Affairs Cheng Chiu Lan, dean of Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism Lai Shou Cheng, and professor Shen Shu Min from Department of Geography received our guests.

University College London was the first university in England that recruited students apart from races, religions, and politics view. It was considered the pioneer of education equal right in England. UCL and University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science were the G5 super elite group. 26 alumni from UCL were Nobel laureates. 14 of them were Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Prof. Michael Worton called on NTNU mainly for the cooperation plan between both schools in the future. Especially focused on the Mandarin teachers training and western and eastern art exchange. NTNU had signed the sister school contract with 12 universities in England. Principal Chang expected the cooperation plan would go successfully for NTNU students to have more choices.
Michael Worton was invited by Ministry of Education. He would talk about the “Education for Global Citizenship” at the lecture on October 16th.