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China Classic Music “Chu Chia Ying Music” Concert at NTNU on 22nd October

 One of the four main classic music types in China “Chu Chia Ying Music” came to Taiwan for the first round tour performance in October. The performing group “Chu Chia Ying Music” members had passed down this classic music for 600 years. They would make the last performance in Taiwan on October 22nd at NTNU Hall. Audiences were free to entrance. 

The “Chu chia Ying Music” was invited by NTNU Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology. National University of Tainan, Department of Music, and Chinese Cultural University, Department of Music to perform in Taiwan. They would present the wind instruments and percussion instruments. Most of the instruments they played had a long history. The oldest instrument “cloud gong” had 600 years history.
The leader of “Chu Chia Ying Music” Ning Ming Fei and 17 other members welcomed public to attend the concert.