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National Computing Software Design Competition for University Student Select Outstanding People

 In order to encourage students to participate in the computing software design, raise the average of information education, and promote the application of source code, the “National Computing Software Design Competition” held by Ministry of Education and undertaken by NTNU and National Sun Yat- sen University was held on October 20th and 21st at NTNU information center and National Sun Yat- sen University computing building.

The director of NTNU information center Wang Wei Yen indicated that the purpose of the competition was to encourage students to have more knowledge to program design. The competition was divided into three groups. The first and the third groups were opened for students from every department. The second group was only for non-information department students. The first and the second groups were to test students’ ability of designing programs. The third group was to test students’ ability to apply the open source code on different software and solve the problems. The entire test was based on the international ACM-ICPC.
The best 15 teams would be recommended to participated in the ACM international computing design competition for university student in Taiwan. If the team got the ticket to the final round, Ministry of Education would sponsor the best two teams each 300 thousands NT dollars.