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NTNU Student Interned In Brunei Teaching Chinese for the First Time

 Taiwan had broadened the overseas Chinese education for many years. Six students from NTNU Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature were supported by Brunei Student in Taiwan Organization and Overseas Chinese Affairs Council to do the Chinese teaching internship in two Chinese schools in Brunei. They returned to Taiwan at the end of September and indicated that they would want to continue the Chinese teaching in Brunei in the future.

Brunei was located at the South East Asia. Three of the four sides were surrounded by Malaysia. The size of the entire country was 1.5 bigger than New Taipei City but only 1/10 of the population. There were approximately 40 thousands Chinese. The official language was Malay. Due to the abundant output of oil, Brunei was considered one of the richest countries in the world. People had complete welfare system. 
The two schools NTNU students did the internship were the Chinese school in the capital Bandar Seri Begawan. The school was established in 1922 and was the biggest and oldest Chinese school in Brunei. Another school was the Chio Ting Chinese school. It was established in 1951 with the help of the Chinese in the local at that time. 
Six interned teachers taught students Chinese fro three months. They brought the Taiwan Chinese teaching materials “Hello, Mandarin” and “Overseas Education Biweekly” to teach the children.