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NTNU Youth Starts An Enterprise in Cambodia

 Graduated from NTNU could do something besides being a teacher as well. NTNU student Kao Wei Cheng graduated from Department of Civic Education and Leadership this year had started an enterprise in Cambodia. His company “Jack & Beans” taught the local children in Cambodia how to become a youth entrepreneurs and to change the world. The main idea of the company was “Incubate youth to change the world”. They expected to pass down the spirit back to Taiwan.

Kao Wei Cheng was the CEO of “Jack & Beans” company. He worked with someone who shared the same idea with him, Li Tsung Hua and Hu Ting Shou from National Taiwan University and Ho Tsung Yuan from Ming Chuan University. They started to cooperate with each other from school organization and built up the relationship. Li Tsung Hua indicated that the trust between the members was very important. It helped them to work hard even without the paid at the beginning. 
When Kao Wei Cheng first entered NTNU, he couldn’t find someone who shared the same idea with him, therefore, he participated in other schools’ activities. After he started up the enterprise, he found that people didn’t understand what he was doing; it was because he didn’t share the story with others. He started to combine his enterprise with what he learned in classes. He indicated that what he was doing was what a student in NTNU should do. He was proud of being part of Department of Civil Education and Leadership. He expected to bring the positive power of his idea to NTNU. 
“Jack & Beans” currently cooperated with the social enterprise with the social benefit company “Chi Shan Life Expert”. Da Ai TV would record their story as well. Also The North West Travel Agency contacted them for the further social responsibility products manufacturing. Nevertheless, they still had to raise the fund for the enterprise in Cambodia. They hoped to reach 150 thousands by 8:00 on November 25th. 
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