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NTNU Department of Music Vocal Music Concert- One Minute On the Stage Takes Ten Years To Practice

 NTNU Department of Music had the best music education in Taiwan. It not only trained many outstanding teachers and professors, but also cultivated a lot of well-known vocalist in and out of Taiwan. On October 26th, Department of Music held the “Year 101 1st Semester Vocal Group Student Regular Concert” at the concert hall. The second year of graduated students and the seniors from department of music performed on the stage together.

NTNU Department of Music only recruited 8 students each year to the vocal group. Every of the student was the best in Taiwan. In order to give the students more chance to perform, Department of Music held three regular concerts each semester. Students had to completely participate in it, in order for them to learn from each other and practice more. Senior student Chen Yen Yu from Department of Music indicated that the regular concert provided her a goal to work had for. It was also a great chance to appreciate other’s music.

It was the first concert this semester. 7 solo vocal performances. From the dressing to the performing, they expected themselves to have the outstanding performance.

“A minute on the stage takes 10 years to practice”. These students worked very hard to perform for a short period of time on the stage. No matter how the result would be, the process was always the more important thing.

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