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College of Sports & Recreation Signed the Cooperation Contract with Japanese Sister School

 NTNU had successfully transformed into the comprehensive university.

Besides the traditional character of cultivating teachers, NTNU had outstanding performances on music, fine arts, and sports field. Japan Chukyo University saw the potential of NTNU Department of Physical Education and signed the official cooperation contract with the College of Sports & Recreation on October 26th.

NTNU College of Sports & Recreation had signed the cooperation contracts with 5 sister schools from China, Japan, and United States since 2010. Recently, the college had held several lectures and academic seminars, to bring the College of Sports & Recreation to another level, and showed the strong ambitious of NTNU trying to stand on the international stage as well. Japan Chukyo University was a private university established in 1956. The university had the department of international education, department of literature, department of psychology, department of law, department of information management, and department of physical education. It was just similar to NTNU. They spirit of Chukyo University was divided into two dimensions, academic and sports. The first principal of Chukyo University expected students to exercise themselves besides studying hard everyday. 3 members of the 2012 London Olympic Games Japan Team were from Chukyo University. Many outstanding Taiwanese players were educated in NTNU as well. Both schools had high anticipation to the cooperation in the future.