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Beijing Opera Youth Group Sixth Performance in Taiwan at NTNU

 Beijing Opera Youth Group came to Taiwan for a series of performance at the end of October. They selected NTNU as the first stop in Taiwan. The well-known leader of Beijing Opera Youth Group Chih Hsiao Chiu performed on the stage as well. The splendid shows attracted people crowded in NTNU hall.

The leading character, leader of the Beijing Opera Youth Group was the successor of the real Beijing Opera Cheng branch descendant Mr. Wang Yin Chiu. He had performed several times in each region of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, United States, and Canada. He was well known overseas and had won the Plum Blossom Prize at the young age of 19. He developed his special way of singing and performing over the years. 
The activity was held by Taiwan Traditional Ethics Culture Development Association. They hoped to get the young generation in Taiwan in touch with our traditional culture. At the same time, NTNU Department of Chinese had similar courses, therefore, both sides decided to cooperate to lead the people to the beauty of Beijing Opera. 
Beijing Opera Youth Group brought the most traditional performance to the audiences in Taiwan. No matter the music, costume, character, and light, every movement caught the audiences’ eyes. They led the audiences to see and understand the differences between modern and traditional culture, and to respect and appreciate both.